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A proper fitting mouthguard can significantly reduce damage to the face and teeth and reduce risk of concussion.

  • International gold standard design
  • Custom fit for maximum comfort
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Trusted by professionals
  • Low impact on speech and breathing
  • Safe to use with braces
  • One of the best
  • Supported by Years of research
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Racing Yellow
Electric Lime
Forest Green
Midnight Blue
Smalt Blue
Persian Blue
Deep Sky Blue
Persimmon Orange
Pumpkin Orange
Deep Pink
Venetian Red
Barley Corn Gold
Vivid Violet
Racing Green
Royal Purple
Cupid Pink
Colours may vary according to batch numbers

The MAX® Dental Laboratory is the place where all our mouthguards are manufactured. The laboratory stages, are not visible to patients, require great skill and precision. The dental technician works in close collaboration with the dentist.


The dental technician receives the impression from the Dental Practitioner together with other important information.The dental cast (dental mould or dental model) is the positive reproduction of a patient’s teeth and surrounding tissues obtained from a dental impression (which is a negative imprint of teeth and soft tissues).


In preparation for pressure forming the MAX Mouthguard sheet is prepared is chosen colours. The sheet is heated and formed over model.


Further trimming to the required periphery of the actual mouthguard is done while the laminate is on the model. Excess material is cut away and the mouthguard is trimmed and shaped.

Labeling & Laminating

Graphics (Name and MAX logo) are placed on the anterior and palatal surface of the mouthguard, encapsulated under the outermost layer of the multi layered pressure laminated mouthguard.


Once finished, the mouthguard is cleaned to remove any dust remaining. Mint solution is applied inside the mouthguard.


We quality check the final product against the chosen specifications to meet a range of requirements before being packaged for shipping.


There is a great deal of satisfaction involved in doing this type of work, and the public relations value for dentistry in general is enormous.

There are four basic classifications for mouthguards:
  • Type 1 – stock mouthguard
  • Type 2 – boil and bite mouthguard
  • Type 3 – single layer vacuum formed
  • Type 4 – pressure laminated mouthguards (MAX MOUTHGUARDS)

I am sure you are well aware of the limitations of the Type 1 and Type 2 mouthguards which are store bought. We will only deal with the pros and cons of the two custom made ones – Type 3 and Type 4 (MAX MOUTHGUARDS) which you are considering for your young sport kids.

The Type 3 single layer vacuum formed, while being a custom made mouthguard has its limitations in that:
  1. Firstly it is a single sheet of material that is formed over a 3 dimensional model this results in it being stretched thinnest where protection is needed the most namely the incisal edge and occlusal surfaces of the teeth.
  2. Secondly it is vacuum formed which does not give as accurate an adaption to the model thus a looser fit.
  3. Also, the players’ names cannot be put into the mouthguard to identify it in case its lost.
The Type 4 (MAX MOUTHGUARDS) pressure laminated is the highest level of protection available.
  1. It consists of multiple laminated layers of material in order to control and achieve the desired thickness and shape of the mouthguard.
  2. The layers are laminated under 6 bar of pressure to ensure the maximum adaption to the model and thus the best fit possible.
  3. The lamination also allows us put in a personal identification for each individual.
  4. Lamination allows one to achieve the highest level of protection possible.

MAX® Mouthguards are the Type 4 pressure laminated and made to International Sports Dentistry Associations gold standard specifications.

This standard can only be achieved by pressure laminating layers together.

All our materials are imported from the USA and carry all FDA and international certification for the safe use on the mouth. And are BPA, Latex and PCB free.

Our research and development with the all top South African rugby and hockey players over the last 14 years has allowed us to create the best fitting, most comfortable and most importantly most protective mouthguard available today.

We are so confident in the quality and protection levels of our mouthguards the we have a R 10 000 limited warranty on it. No other company in South Africa will back there product like we do.

There are 2 main type of materials used for mouthguards worldwide. Pro-form and EVA. According to research article in dental traumatology magazine the pro-form material offered the least protection of the two.

Publication: SADJ (South African Dental Journal) Vol.72, No.2, March 2017

MAX® Mouthguards only use EVA sheets.

There are also some legal requirements for any dental prosthesis which a mouthguard is.
  • The impression can only be taken by a qualified dentist, dental therapist or dental hygienist.
  • The prosthesis must be made by a registered dental laboratory.

All MAX® Mouthguards are made by Bowwood Dental Laboratory which is registered with the South African Dental Technicians Council.

I will not say that mouthguards prevent concussion but the anecdotal evidence suggests the it can defiantly help. Prof Francois de Wet from Pretoria university claims it does.

With that in mind does it not make sense to go with the best product available to help protect your kids.


Coverage Limit

The maximum amount that MAX Mouthguard will pay for any single event under this limited warranty in respect of any Qualifying Person is R 10 000.00

Claims Evidence

Please inform MAX Mouthguards within 28 days of any potential Claim due to Dental injury that has occurred while wearing a MAX Mouthguard.

Failure to Comply with Term and Conditions

Please note if the Terms and Conditions of the Limited warranty is not followed, MAX Mouthguards may not pay a claim.


MAX Mouthguards will not be liable in respect of the first R 1 000.00 of any claim.

Interest on Benefit Payable

MAX Mouthguards will not pay interest on any claim.


This contract will be governed by laws of South Africa unless otherwise agreed.

Other Warranties

If you covered by another warranty or policy for the same expense or loss, MAX Mouthguards will only pay a proportion of the claim.

Other Interests

No third party can claim from or sue MAX Mouthguards.

Treatment Authorisation

Authorisation must be obtained for dental expense exceeding R 1 000.00.

Reasonable Care

You must take all reasonable steps to avoid any loss or damage of your MAX mouthguard.

Return of Mouthguard

Return your MAX Mouthguard to MAX Mouthguards for evaluation at the time of any claim.

Warranty Exclusions

MAX Mouthguards will not pay any claim where dental injury and dental expenses is the result of/or contributed by:

  1. Sickness or disease
  2. Any naturally occurring condition or degenerative process
  3. Any gradually operating cause
  4. Intentional Self-Injury
  5. If your MAX mouthguard is older than 12 months.
  6. If you didn’t notify us and/or submit a written claim to MAX Mouthguards within 28 days.
  7. Injury not sustained during supervised sport within school/club environment.
  8. Injury not verified by presenting official/teacher.
  9. Injury while participating in a professional sport
  10. Improper use of the MAX mouthguard, or failure to strictly adhere to the Customer Care instructions included with the MAX mouthguard box.

The Company will not pay any Benefit for treatment to any of the following:

  1. Tooth that received root canal therapy prior to the injury.
  2. Tooth that had crown or cap prior to the injury.
  3. Fillings required to a tooth, where a crown or cap is made for the same tooth.
  4. Treatment required after 12 months of the date of injury.

The Company shall have no liability for any claims, including but not limited to:

  1. Those relating to taking of an impression.
  2. Any mouthguard that is ill-fitting or that cannot be worn, for whatever reason.
  3. Any injury incurred after ordering and before receiving the MAX Mouthguard.
  4. Any mouthguard chewed or damaged by user or others.
  5. Any mouthguard modified in any way by the user or others.
  6. A mouthguard that was fitted for a non-brace wearer that is used with any orthodontic appliance.
  7. A mouthguard that has not been used, cleaned or handled in compliance with the Customer Care Instructions.


  1. Accumulation Limit of Warranty Cover R 10 000.00
  2. Excess payable on all claims R 1 000.00


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