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Please select from one of the two options below.

MAX® Colour Options

Racing Yellow
Electric Lime
Forest Green
Midnight Blue
Smalt Blue
Persian Blue
Deep Sky Blue
Persimmon Orange
Pumpkin Orange
Deep Pink
Venetian Red
Barley Corn Gold
Vivid Violet
Racing Green
Royal Purple
Cupid Pink
Colours may vary according to batch numbers

Guide to filling out MAX® Dental Lab Slips

Please fill out ALL information here accurately.

1. If you have two or more practices, please indicate practice name, as well as doctor’s full Name and Surname. The practice or doctor’s name that appears here will be the one to receive the MAX® mouthguard and the invoice.

2. Please fill out full Name and Surname of patient. Please make sure the spelling is correct.

3. Please fill out Name in Mouthguard. The Name will be laminated into the MAX® mouthguard to make individual identification easy. No more than 10 characters including spaces. eg. Bible Verse, Nickname or Initials and Surname.

4. Please indicate what sport this MAX® mouthguard will be used for.

5. Please specify the delivery date and time the MAX® mouthguard is to be returned. Indicate if you need the mouthguard in the AM (delivered by 12:00pm) or PM (delivered by 17:00pm). If the patient has an AM appointment, it is recommended that you ask to receive the mouthguard the day before or SPECIFY the time of the appointment. Please insure you supply the MAX® Laboratory with 4 FULL days to manufacture the MAX® mouthguard.  PLEASE NOTE: Orders will be delivered via our delivery vehicle(s) or courier.

6. We kindly ask that you include the date the Lab Slip was written.

7. Every case MUST include the design pattern and colour numbers (1-21) unless other arrangements have been made with our Dental Lab. If we do not have a design pattern and the colour numbers indicated on Lab Slip when we receive it, a longer turnaround time can occur.

We do our best to secure delivery within 24-48 hours (within major metropolitan areas, outer lying areas may incur additional time) from the date of manufacture completion and courier collection, but we will not be liable for delay in delivery arising out of any cause beyond our control. Every reasonable effort will be made to inform you if we believe there will be a substantial delay in your delivery. We do not accept any responsibility for such delay.

PLEASE NOTE : If you are running low on MAX® mouthguard Dental Lab Books, please make note at the bottom of the Lab Slip and we will send a new Lab Book with our next trip to your practice.


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